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What issues Sandplay is used for?

Sandplay is a journey in which both the facilitator and the client walk together. It is an exciting journey not to be missed. For the therapist it is a privilege to be part of the enfolding of the client’s psyche and for the client it is a true revelation of their inner core. Sandplay encompasses everything both past present and future. It can sometimes reveal something so buried that the client has forgotten the original event.

Once this is seen the client now knows what is needed to make the necessary changes to the patterns and beliefs that are often directing their life in the present.

Anxiety & depression, Panic Attacks, Healing Trauma, Grief and Loss, Health Issues, Relationships & family issues, Nightmares, Burnout, Behaviour management, Post natal depression, Bullying, Vanishing Twin, Behavioural issues such Anger, All forms of Abuse, Addictions, Decision making, Connecting to Self and Soul.

Benefits of using Sandplay for professionals

During this course you see that Sandplay is the most powerful and subtle tool that you will possess for understanding your clients. Its capacity for analysing complex issues is unsurpassed. Your work will be client centred, innovative and transforming.

The benefits of Sandplay to counsellors, in short, are threefold.

  1. Brings creativity to your work.
  2. Reduces stress for counsellors in that they can quickly recognise the core issues for the client at hand.
  3. Sandplay clearly shows the client what is going on to them and brings fresh levels of self understanding so they can move forward in life.
  4. Reduces the number of sessions needed with clients by counsellors thereby increasing job satisfaction and productivity.

Sandplay goes to the heart of the problem. The clarity it brings is the meeting and transforms situations. The therapist and the client see once what is needed for change and fulfilment of the client.

Meet Marg Garvan

Meet Marg Garvan

Marg Garvan is a qualified and practicing counsellor since 1996, possessing a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. She is the director of Ghandarva Wholistic Counselling and Sandplay Therapy Training Australia.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  2. Is a Reiki Master
  3. Conflict Resolution (Via NSW Community Justice)
  4. Voice Dialogue (Via NSW Community Justice)
  5. Sandplay Therapist and Facilitator (University recognised)
  6. Clinical member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association)
  7. Member of ACC College of Clinical Counsellors (CCC)

Marg’s Working History

In 1996 Marg Garvan established her own counselling practice in Thora NSW and in 2004 moved it to Richmond NSW where it still operates today (Ghandarva Wholistic Counselling Centre) where she works with children, adolescents and adults.

In 1999 Marg became a director and part owner of The Crucible Centre and in 2000 the Centre received accreditation from the Australian Government (via VETAB) for 2 courses they designed and facilitated:

  1. Transpersonal Psychotherapy – Post Graduate level
  2. Sandplay Therapy / Facilitation – Certificate level

(VETAB accreditation ceased in 2005 due to excessive fees and thus proving not viable.) In 2005 they gained course approval from ACA for a professional Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology.

Marg also ran personal development workshops for 12 years

In 2011 Marg established Sandplay Therapy Training Australia, which is dedicated to training professional counsellors in Sandplay Therapy. The training she provides is founded on the previous work and has been developed even further.

Marg has followed her instinct and passion into professional counselling (Ghandarva Wholistic Counselling Centre) working with the body, mind, spirit and the emotions to such expertise, that she can quickly identify her client’s issue’s and support them in making a positive transformation in their lives.

From Marg’s own experience, she sees the value in teaching skills to professional counsellors thus improving their ability to work with clients more effectively and not suffer “burnout” with new innovative techniques.

Sandplay Australia courses proudly display The ACA OPD approval.


  • Clinical Psychologist

    "I have been a counsellor for over ten years and attended many courses over the years and this id the FIRST time that I have attended a course that has really taught me something. Marg is just has wealth of knowledge and I am so happy that I found her. I am looking forward to doing much more work with her."

  • Psychotherapist

    "Difficult to summarise what we have learnt because really it has been a huge transformation of ourselves & a whole new 2nd amazing way of working which has opened up new possibilities for our work and ourselves. It is all emcompassing.

    Amazing food and hospitality! Absolutely loved this aspect of the course."

  • Psychologist

    "My work as a psychologist has become deeply enriched through the process of learning sandplay. I have gained insight into myself and my work in a way no supervision has reached. I feel more confident and skilled to be able to provide a valuable and "healing" process for my clients.

    This training has allowed me to personally experience the power of this technique and I have made significant discoveries about myself. Thank you for this gift."

  • Nurse and counsellor

    "When Marg and John work a sand tray with me I discover parts of myself which have been lost to my consciousness and have been running my life. As I do the work I feel more me, more authentic, stronger and happier, better able to relate.

    The Sandplay Course is teaching me the skills they use to bring about this transformation and it's giving me the confidence to follow my own intuition, be creative and trust that where the client goes is exactly where they need to go? To work with another person at such a trans formative level.

    I can't recommend this course highly enough. Do it. Tell your friends."

  • Mother and grandmother

    "This course never ceases to surprise me. Not only do I keep learning, about the techniques used to uncover clients issues & transform their inbuilt behavior patterns but it also teaches me about life & how I can best deal with my own issues ? both those I am aware of and those that the course has uncovered for me. Truly enlightening."
  • Teacher., Therapist (and Mum)

    "I am humbled by the Sandplay experience every workshop. It inspires me professionally by its powerfully transforming techniques and potential. I've not experienced a more effective modality in getting to the truth and releasing limiting belief patterns. It is truly empowering.

    Marg and John are beautifully supportive and are a blessing to work with and learn from.

    I highly recommend the Sandplay Course for professionals and individuals searching for a better way.

  • Case worker disabilities

    'This unique training process, supported by the able skills of Marg and John, has enhanced my work with Disability Services and has enabled me with a sense of peace and purpose in my life not previously experienced.

    The tranquil setting, community spirit and the cook are an amazing bonus."