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Sandplay Therapy Training Australia

Sandplay is a wholistic approach to counselling. By using miniature objects that represent all aspects of life, the client will clearly display their inner world. It is a deep process which shows the client what underlies the current situation that they are presenting. Sandplay allows a movement within the client that is profound. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions. Sandplay is for everyone. Children love it and adults marvel at it.

Therapy Training

Therapy Training

Sandplay is a journey which both the facilitator and the client walk together. It is an exciting journey not to be missed. For the practitioner it is a privilege to be part of the enfolding of the client’s psyche and for the client it is a true revelation of their inner core. It encompasses everything both past present and future. It can sometimes reveal something so buried that the client has forgotten the original event.

Sandplay is a RAPID method that gets to the heart of the issue quickly and easily. It bypasses the mind. Clients get to see the original decision that was made which creates the response to the behaviour that they are displaying when they come in for therapy.

There is always a solution to be found. Either the client has already put it in the tray or when you have worked with what the issue you can ask the client to choose a piece that would help with the solution. In other words they will always come up with what is needed for change. It takes it out of your hands and empowers the client.

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Benefits for the Professional

Benefits for the Professional

  • Experience our Sandplay Therapy Training Courses and enhance the way you work.

    Be amazed at the depth to which clients are able to see how beliefs, patterns and issues are formed and resolved.

    Identify unspoken issues and provide solutions. Improve your clinical effectiveness.

    Use your creativity in your Practice to help your clients through the journey of transforming their lives.

  • Our courses provide you with:

    • Sandplay foundations and principles
    • Linking theory to practice.
    • Experiential learning.
    • Case study in supervision.
    • Certificate in Sandplay facilitation.

    Learn how to:

    • Integrates and play to your practice.
    • Work with individuals, couples and Children in this unique therapy.
    • Develop confidence and skills using Sandplay with your clients.
    • Becoming more effective practitioner.

Introducing Marg Garvan

Introducing Marg Garvan

Marg Garvan is a qualified and practicing counsellor since 1996, possessing a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. She is the director of Ghandarva Wholistic Counselling and Sandplay Therapy Training Australia.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  2. Is a Reiki Master
  3. Qualified Virtual Reality Therapist
  4. Conflict Resolution (Via NSW Community Justice)
  5. Voice Dialogue (Via NSW Community Justice)
  6. Sandplay Therapist and Facilitator (University recognised)
  7. Clinical member of ACA (Australian Counselling Association)

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Supervision & Support

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Sandplay Training Courses

We offer a range of courses in Sandplay, for beginners, health and wellbeing professionals, and experienced Sandplay practitioners.

Level 1:

Introduction and Children's Sandplay
Introduction to Sandplay.

Level 2:

Facilitation Techniques
Introducing the role of energy.

Level 3:

Shadow Exploration
Recognising and working with shadow in the tray.

Level 4:

How to facilitate Sandplay
Learn how to work with energy in the sand.

Level 5&6:

Certificate in Sandplay Therapy & Relationships
Techniques for successful relationship Sandplay.

Level 7&8:

Certificate as a Master Practitioner In Sandplay
Further in-depth training is provided.

What issues is Sandplay used for?

Sandplay is a profound process that works with any issue that the client presents. It works with the sub conscious where we hold all our past memories which might be the trigger for what is going on for the client today. In the Sandplay process the client is drawn to certain miniature objects which shows the client what has been supressed in the past and is now directing the behaviour today.

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