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Master of Sandplay Part 2

An early bird price of $795 will apply on payment in full, three weeks prior to the commencement of the workshop.
After that date the full price of $840 will be payable.

LOCATION-138 Ridgeway Cres, Sun Valley NSW 2777

$ 200.00
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14-16 June 2019

Master of Sandplay:

Part 2

This is the second of two workshops that, when completed, you will become a Master Practitioner in Sandplay. See course information page for requirements.


    Birthing issues including vanishing twins
    Ways to deepen the gestalt process.
    Recognising when rituals are needed and when to use them.
    Learning when to work with the emotions and when to bypass them and move straight into deeper levels.
    How to work within these levels, such as self-value, soul purpose, inherited grief and repetitive issues.
    Discovering the major protections and deflections we use to hide the venerabilities that drive the personality.
    What methods to use when working with anger.
    Your approach to parents.
    Looking beyond the personality to work with the soul.
    How to recognise soul issues in the tray.
    Holding the space and being comfortable with silence.
    Using the Triggering Process to releasing the emotional pain related to bodily pains and illness.